Penn Badgley will be playing seminal singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley in Greetings from Tim Buckley, which is not this Jeff Buckley biopic that had been gestating for the past six months or so. Greetings is a previously unreported project that will look at Buckley's life through only a window of a few days leading up to his historic 1991 concert in St. Anne's Church. It will be directed by Dan Algrant (People I Know, Naked in New York)

Considering there isn't enough demand to warrant two Buckley pics, what does this mean for the more older, more familiar project with Jake Scott attached to direct? Well, casting Penn Badgley is hardly a "checkmate" in the showdown between these two films, but it would appear that Greetings from Tim Buckley is off to an early lead.

Badgley's "musical chops" were a factor in his getting the part, so...I guess he'll be singing some Jeff Buckley songs in the film.

How weird would it be if Penn Badgley's renditions were even more soulful and haunting than Buckley's originals?