While the newly-announced The Student may not be one of Verhoeven's many dream projects, it's not exactly a slouch, either. The sexual thriller stars Halle Berry as the wife of the boss of a 19 year-old intern, with whom she is knockin' boots on the side. I don't see where the whole education angle comes into play, but The Student does sound better than The Intern.

This will be Verhoeven's first movie since 2006's Black Book, which came and went with little fanfare. However, The Student's plot, along with the weight that Halle Berry can bring to a role, should allow for Verhoeven to have a lot of fun with this one, despite the potentially high cheese factor here, considering he was able to craft Basic Instinct out of a similarly thin concept.

The tension between the three main characters has me guessing at who would be best in the role of the boss and the intern here, but since my knowledge of 19 year-old male actors is limited to Zac Efron, I'm going to say Zac Efron. (Hit Fix)