What's the best way to follow-up a highly praised, Oscar nominated turn in one of the year's top dramas? If you guessed, "star in the Carrie remake that nobody wants made," you may have guessed correctly.

Rumors say the producers of the Stephen King adaptation have put Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) at the top of their casting wish list. I'll admit that Steinfeld is an excellent idea - she has a furious intensity and she's young enough. The questions are: will they actually offer her the part and will she take it? I'm thinking she can do better, but if MGM and Screen Gems pull up to her door with a ton of $10 horses, who knows?

[post-video postid="6225"]Meanwhile, you know who I'm guessing is way lower on that list? Megan Fox, who's been lobbying for the part. Just like Fox is the stuff of my fantasies, this role will likely remain a fantasy for her. (CinemaBlend)