Drive is making people do crazy things. First, a woman in Michigan attempted to sue the film's distributor because she didn't like the car chases. Now, the guy who hucked a hot dog at Tiger Woods reveals that the voices in Drive made him do it. When questioned about his strange offense, Brandon Kelly said that the film made him feel like he needed to do something "courageous and epic." And since there were no children to save from nearby house fires, Kelly opted to throw a hot dog at Tiger Woods as he was about to putt at the Open. The hot dog fell short and did not hit the golfer.

Something needs to be done here and I feel like it should fall on the shoulders of Drive star Ryan Gosling. He needs to address his crazed fans and let them know that hot dog tossing will not abide. There are rules in society and when those rules are not followed, it all falls down. Seriously. Somebody could end up with mustard on their shirt. (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)