Having sufficiently mined the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to re-assert cultural relevance, Guy Ritchie is apparently lunging forward a few decades from that era to that of the construction of the Empire State Building with Empire Rises. Ritchie is on board to produce, and possibly direct, Thomas Kelly's novel about politicians, the IRA, and probably sympathetic steel beams and Native Americans with awesome senses of balance.

One can only assume, in this age of CGI, that the building won't be reconstructed either at full-scale or as a miniature but will probably be depicted using motion capture, with Andy Serkis wearing a skyscraper-shaped framework of ping pong balls and green spandex. Unfortunately, Serkis will probably still miss out on an Academy Award nomination, not because the Academy refuses to recognize motion capture work as "acting," but rather because everyone agreed that Daniel Day-Lewis' depiction of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater was far more convincing and earnest.