If we're not able to make a joke in our headline, it's an omen that something bad has happened. And last night at an opening night screening of The Dark Knight Rises in the Denver suburb of Aurora, something bad definitely happened.

A gunman, 24 years old and in custody, opened fire at a midnight screening, his gunfire coinciding with a shootout scene in the film, wreaking havoc on the full theater of movie goers. He reportedly unleashed a can of gas (unknown as of now) and began shooting, leaving the packed room of people almost completely indefensible.

Every detail about this story is sickening and sad, from the three month-old baby that was shot to the fact that the gas was reportedly used so that no one would be able to escape the theater, and consequently the gunman's wrath.

With so much excitement surrounding this film going into the weekend, this is a very, very shitty way to begin coverage of the year's most anticipated movie, in addition to the obvious fact that a rampage of this scale is repulsive regardless of the context.

Obviously, this tragedy has significant ramifications for the film, but those can be addressed at some other time, with so many people still fighting for their lives.