Groundhogs Day B&B Now A Real Thing

Wednesday, October 22 by

Some day in the not too distant future we will live in a world where our most important historical figures will be the cast of movies like Ghostbusters and Back To The Future. You will be able to visit the highway rest stop in your car (your Jet Car) on the Mass Pike (the Mass Jet Pike) where Dan Aykroyd dropped a duce. That day is drawing nearer as the house featured in Groundhogs Day is now a functioning locale of movie history.

Slashfilm poses the question:

Remember the Bed and Breakfast that Bill Murray’s character stays at in the film? Well its not actually a bed and breakfast, but instead a 114-year-old Queen Anne-Victorian house in Woodstock, IL (The interiors were actually shot on a soundstage). 

So now you can take the whole family. I don’t think there’s an actual time warp. But it would be cool if they did little things like make the clock radio play the same song every morning.

When I first saw this movie as a young chap, I remember totally losing my shit. I thought it was pure genius and locked down Bill Murray as one of my favorite actors of all time. It had a lot to do with this sequence, particularly at 2:36.

Slashfilm reports it live, from Punxsutawney.

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