The creators of Gremlins recently sat down with Empire and revealed that the film's creatures were nearly very different. Puppet technology hadn't come as far as it has today and the filmmakers were struggling with the best way to bring the evil creatures to life. And much like a greeting card photographer, they weren't above shooting monkeys in suits.

Dante: First we talked about stop-motion. Then realised we'd still be shooting if we did that. And at one point someone — I hope it wasn't me — suggested we try monkeys in Gremlin suits.

Rick Baker: Hey, it worked in (Laurel and Hardy movie) Babes In Toyland.

Dante: But that one just had a Mickey Mouse head on. We actually did get a monkey and put a head on him and watched him careen around the editing room, pooping on everything in terror. We decided it wasn't really going to work out.

I believe that fear of getting poop on everything is also a big reason why you don't see Amanda Bynes in movies anymore.