This baby casts itself.

Is Zach Galligan's phone about to ring for the first time in a decade (wrong numbers don't count)? Possibly. There's a flimsy rumor floating around the 'Netz that Warner Bros. is gearing up to make a third Gremlins film. Or maybe a remake. And maybe in 3D. Like I said, flimsy.

What we do know is that remakes are hot right now and that Gremlins director Joe Dante is getting some positive buzz for his upcoming film The Hole. Though Dante has said in the past that he doubts he'll be welcomed back for another Gremlins film after the cartoonish direction he took with Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Does that mean we'll see a grittier Gremlins? Instead of water, will they reproduce when splashed with the blood of the innocent? Will Gizmo now be voiced by Christian Bale?? Actually, I kind of like that. Someone get Robert Rodriguez on this! (Market Saw)