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Green Lantern’s Suit Will Be Computer Generated

Monday, April 12 by

Fans of Green Lantern have been eager to see Ryan Reynolds in the hero’s spandex since news of casting broke. However, their waiting has been in vain because /Film has announced that there is no suit. Not a physical suit anyway.

Costume designer Ngila Dickson (LOTR, The Last Samurai) has devised a way to make the suit stand out from all the other superhero films — it will be computer generated. That news may worry purists, and understandably so. A CG suit in a 3D film is cause for major concern. Hopefully Warner Bros won’t repeat their "bat-nipples" mistakes of yesteryear.

The worry may be premature though. Both DC and Warner Bros. insiders are reportedly very happy with the results, and word is that "the suit will look like a manifestation of [the ring’s] power." Much like my teal Crocs are a manifestation of me looking good and knowing it.


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