Michael Clarke Duncan took the green mile all the way to Green Lantern planet in his green machine. I assume he has a green machine.

The deep voiced actor is in talks to voice Kilowog in the Warner Bros take on DC ComicsGreen Lantern. He would join Ryan Reynolds in just one of his many, many superhero roles, and Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re, aka Fishy McBirdo.

Kilowog is like an intergalactic drill sergeant for newbie green lanterns, who looks like a pig that was placed in the microwave as a prank. Between him and Tomar-Re, I think I understand how the Green Lantern Corps work: they frighten intergalactic criminals with their intense ugliness. Still, Duncan is a terrific actor with a smooth voice, so at least Kilowog will have that going for him.

Currently in post-production, Green Lantern is looking to land in theaters June 17, 2011. (Hollywood Reporter)