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‘Green Lantern’ Casting Gives Us Reasons to Download Blake Lively Pictures

Monday, January 11 by

The resemblance is uncanny.

Blake Lively and her pants will be traveling to Louisiana to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in Martin Campbell‘s Green Lantern. Lively beat out both Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell to play the role of Carol Ferris, the aerospace firm VP who hires Hal Jordan to pilot her test rocket. It is while piloting this rocket that Jordan is bestowed the power of the Green Lantern. Of course it seems like a stretch to cast a 22-year old as the head of an aerospace firm who later becomes the super-villian Star Sapphire, but somehow I don’t mind. Thoug I am slightly confused whether I should have a nerd boner or a regular one right now. (THR)

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