The Green Hornet is the number 1 movie this weekend, but that doesn't mean that everyone is satisfied. While it might not be a surprise that there are a lot of people on the internet with complaints about it (like 80 percent of the internet is powered by complaints, after all), it might be that the movie's director Michel Gondry isn't totally on board with his star Seth Rogen. He recently told the LA Times:
”Seth was as important, if not more important than the studio. So I felt, ‘well, it’s not really my movie.’ I accepted that. But I realized there was still tons I could infiltrate or infuse my personality through discussion all the time.”

This confirms my suspicion that Seth Rogen is our generation's David O. Selznick. Rogen isn't denying the creative clash between himself and Gondry, though. Here he is on the scene in the movie featuring Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise":
“I remember when we were shooting it, [Gondry] was sitting there with his arms crossed and a grumpy look on his face but there wasn’t a second when we thought we might be wrong. We were like, ‘You are going to feel so stupid when you see that this is the funniest [EXPLETIVE DELETED] thing in the entire world.”

How many more creative partnerships are going to dissolve before Coolio is stopped!? (IndieWire)