Great Moments in 3-D Film History

Tuesday, December 15 by

Thanks to a focus on gimmicky tactics to get butts into theater seats, 3-D cinema is in the middle of its biggest success since its inception. You may not believe this, but 3-D has been around almost as long as movies themselves. But, feature-length theatrical 3-D movies have only been around for about the past 50 years. 

3-D has had its ups and downs, but every few years it pops up again, either trying to build on previous successes in the market, or finding a new way to exploit the technology. Sometimes, it’s even used to exploit kids’ fandom of Michael Jackson (see "Captain EO").

I decided to look at a few of the features that have proved important creating 3-D cinematic history – sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes very bad.

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