StreepFest Lines Up Another Movie

Tuesday, February 8 by

Meryl Streep is generally considered one of the finest actors of her generation, despite some surprising evidence to the contrary. It is with this in mind that I’m announcing StreepFest, the imaginary film festival that is made up of whatever Meryl Streep is starring in currently. Don’t quote me, but there might even be an imaginary appearance from Streep herself!

Anyway, the movie, Great Hope Springs is being directed by Th Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel, and is a comedy about “a couple that hits the rocks after 30 years of marriage and hangs their future on an intense counseling weekend.” I’m guessing “intense counseling” is a euphemism for anal.

There isn’t any word yet on what lucky actor is going to be overshadowed by Streep, except for a previous rumor that Jeff Bridges was in the running for the role. I’d like to officially nominate Jon Hamm. (via Deadline)

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