Fans of the comic book Bone, rejoice. Now rejoice again. And a third time. You just rejoiced once for every installment of the film trilogy based on the popular comic. Warner Bros, after an erratic development timeline over the past few years, has put pen to paper and is reportedly planning on adapting the series into an animated three-part series.

Jeff Smith had spent 13 years crafting the 1,300 page story garnering many awards in the process. Bone follows the journey of three cousins as they face dragons and other mythical powers and beasts that are out to conquer humankind. The black-and-white drawings, as well as the unique look of the comic have many clamoring for a hand-drawn approach, rather than the usual CGI treatment.

Considering no script nor director has been announced, it could be a mad minute before we get much more clarity, but it's nice to know that such an irreverent (albeit popular) work is getting the big picture treatment.