Using her time that could otherwise be spent acting or generally being a more productive member of society, Lindsay Lohan is suing the guys behind Grand Theft Auto for allegedly thinly veiling her likeness for the vapid, broke starlet Lacey Jonas in the most recent iteration of the game.

Any similarities, suggested or overt, would probably be unenforceable due to satire exemptions, but nonetheless, it's odd, even by Lohan standards, that this is how she wants to go. Claiming that a fictional moron in a video game that people is clearly her. I mean, it probably is, but she could probably get the same public reaction by putting a metal pot on her head, and run down the street banging it with a wooden spoon yelling, "I'M LINDSAY LOHAN, AND I'M DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

Which she's been doing metaphorically for about seven years now.