‘Gotti’ Makes An Offer To Levinson That He Probably Could Refuse, But Didn’t

Monday, May 2 by

Barry Levinson is going to be running the show for the Gotti: Three Generations project. This news comes weeks after original helmer Nick Casavettes walked away from the project, citing scheduling conflicts.

Levinson has been less prolific over the past few years, with his last film being the HBO biopic You Don’t Know Jack. However, that trend appears to be ending with news of this film, the horror film The Bay, which is awaiting release, and the political thriller O.K.C. still in development

With John Travolta playing John Gotti, Lindsay Lohan playing his daughter-in-law, and Joe Pesci co-starring as Angelo Ruggiero, it would appear that most of the pieces are in place after the void left in the director’s chair. Principal photography is expected to begin in the fall with a late 2012 release.

I still can’t believe Cassavetes left. He took an oath. (Variety)

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