It's a damn shame, but it looks like Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father might not get made after all. I say it's a shame not because it sounds like it could be a good film - it doesn't; it looks awful - but because Screen Junkies has written 12 articles chronicling the ins and outs of a movie that seems more at home on Lifetime than it does in theaters.

Well, all the fascinating weirdness and indefensible casting decisions (such as hiring the entire Travolta family) have taken their toll, Showbiz411 reports. Producer Marco Fiore has been unable to get funding for the film as promised, so the actors haven't been paid, so the work has stopped.

Why has financing the film been so difficult?

Perhaps it's because:

The film has John Travolta playing a mob boss.

Kim Kardashian was rumored to be involved.

As was Lindsay Lohan.

Director Nick Cassavettes walked away from the project.

As did Lindsay Lohan.

Barry Levinson then stepped in.

John Travolta cast his whole family. 

Joe Pesci was fired from the project, even after he got fat for a role. 

Hmm. It's almost hard to believe that this production isn't inspiring confidence in potential investors.