Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed and Juno Temple rumored for roles in The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, either’s role in the film has been left vague at best. Gordon-Levitt has not been confirmed as a hero or a villain, and Temple is only described as a “street-smart Gotham girl.” It’s also uncertain whether either will be reprising a role established in the DC universe or if they will be creations of the film’s team, which has taken such liberties in the past.

Speculation seems silly, as the Internet rumor mill has suggested virtually every character for JGL, and the description of Temple’s character doesn’t seem to warrant too much investigation based on the info at hand. Upon hearing “street-smart Gotham girl,” my mind immediately went to the young teenage girl from the original Crow, but that’s just me. And that character has existed in virtually every dystopian film made in the past 30 years, so go nuts.

Temple, though relativel unknown, has cut her teeth in Kaboom and the approaching Cracks, so check those out if you want to get obsessive about things. (Playlist)