Director David Fincher's upcoming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is continuing to announce new cast members, even though it's set to premiere at the end of 2011. The next tough-to-pronounce name to be revealed is former "ER" star Goran Visnjic, who will be playing "Dragan Armansky, the CEO of Milton Security that employs the young hacker Lisbeth Salander, and who becomes a father figure to the disturbed girl." He's signed on to do all three movies too, which is something that a lot of the actors in the movie are doing. I think this is good news, since it always bothers me when characters in sequels are played by different actors. Although I don't know if I'd notice in this particular case (just kidding, I'm sure he's great). He's joining up with a giant cast, which includes Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. (via The Playlist)