Since both Goodfellas and Casino are considered by many to be high water marks in the mob film genre, it's not a huge leap of faith to get excited about their writer, Nicholas Pileggi's, new project. The film is called Scarpa, and it tells the story of Gregory Scarpa, a former mob hitman who allegedly killed upwards of 50 people.

And Gregory Scarpa will be played by...Sylvester Stallone.

A surprising choice, but not one that can be easily dismissed, considering Stallone has done some pretty strong dramatic work late in his career. However, he has done some truly terrible work late in his career as well, much like Scorsese mainstay Robert De Niro.

Fun fact: Gregory Scarpa seemed to carry with him a number of interesting nicknames, including The Mad Hatter, The Grim Reaper, and Killing Machine. "Killing Machine" doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination, but it's the type of nickname that can get us fired up for a move about one