‘Good Times’ Film In The Works: Jimmy Walker Gets To Eat This Month!

Tuesday, March 12 by

Hollywood has spun its big wheel of unproduced sitcom remakes and the clicky-thing has landed on Good Times. You might want to pause your eye-roll midway through because it looks like there’s some great talent attached. Scott Rudin, who was behind some decent remakes (and Shaft), will produce and has brought on Wreck-It-Ralph and Cedar Rapids writer Phil Johnston to take a crack at the script. Wreck-It-Ralph and Cedar Rapids are really fun movies so I’m willing to bet this script is in good hands with Johnston. Not sure how he’ll fit John C. Reilly into this thing though…

Deadline reports that the story will be set in the 1960’s so we at least don’t have to worry about the characters interacting with the modern world and discovering gangsta rap.

I think we should give it a shot and see what develops though it’s understandable that this news might set you off if you’re a fan of the original sitcom. However to put things in perspective, a few years ago Bow Wow would have been a viable casting option to play JJ. Dodged a bullet here.

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