Chalk one up for the violently insane!

Robert Dewey Hoskins, who served a 10-year prison sentence for stalking Madonna and who may or may not have been the inspiration for the youngest child on Malcolm in the Middle, has escaped from the Metropolitan State Hospital near Los Angeles. By escaped, I mean he just walked away. Bang-up job, Metropolitan State Hospital.

Authorities say Hoskins is "highly psychotic when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies." How "violent" and "psychotic" are we talking? Well, he once threatened to cut Madonna "from ear to ear" if she didn't marry him. Yikes! You'd have to be crazy to want to marry Madonna!

Whatever wacky hijinx Hoskins has in store, he'd better get a move on. The Material Girl (god I hate calling her that) is set to embark on a world tour in the next few months, and I'd hate for him to miss out on the opportunity to get annihilated by her security team because she's out of the country.

World Peace! (Source)

Maybe we can lure the stalker in with these Madonna photos.