Will Forte continues to work, despite the illogical failure of the movie MacGruber. Seriously, he stuck celery up his butt and ran around on screen, and were the domestic box office gods grateful? Not one bit.

No stranger to animated voice work, Forte joins Fox's Jonah Hill created comedy "Allen Gregory." The series revolves around a brilliant child (Hill) who's going to school with regular, non-brilliant children for the first time. Oh my. Forte will pick up a bunch of smaller roles. Hopefully one of those roles will be the part of teenage Abraham Lincoln, and the show will become about teenage Abraham Lincoln, eventually morphing into the second season of "Clone High."

Forte will also star in the indie film Run and Jump alongside Maxine Peake and Brian F. O’Byrne. The drama, helmed by Steph Green, which I thought was "Seth Green" for a minute and was like, "what...?," is set to film in Ireland this May. Hopefully, they'll appreciate a good ghost sex joke between takes. (Collider)