Megan Mullally, while doing press at TCA for Breaking In, divulged that a Party Down film is being written by creator John Enbom (hehe - "n-bomb"), everyone (save for maybe Jane Lynch, who left the show early anyway) will be involved, and it will start filming in late spring or early summer. Those are the facts.

And here they are coming straight from the woman herself:

"I will be doing the Party Down movie. John is writing it right now."

She then went on to give us a fairly vague plot-point with, "I think we're going to see Lydia's ex-husband -- Ed i think is name --- who was really racist and a misogynist."

I hope there's more to it than just a racist and misogynistic guy ranting and raving. Actually, no. I don't. That would be awesome.

The script picks up where the second season finale left off, so feel free to brush up in the next year or so, because Party Down is second only to Game of Thrones in its complex story lines and serial nature.