A new odor-producing machine is targeted towards theaters as a completely new way to ruin moviegoing for everyone. ScentSciences has introduced this $70 machine to work in tandem with ScentEditor software to provide appropriate smell emanations during movie screenings. I can't wait to hear stories of directors having their creative vision undermined because the the pie smell in the third act was pecan and not rhubarb, which is what the studio promised.

While many scents would be contextual as part of the film, what's more exciting is the prospect of stars getting editorial review of scents. For instance, Dakota Fanning would smell like a lemon poppy-seed muffin, Robert Pattinson would smell like a clove cigarette, and the entire theater would reek of beef jerky anytime Mickey Rourke came onscreen.

There are, thankfully, no plans to roll these things out in theaters yet, but given the smashing success of 3-D technology, it's only a matter of time before smells are emitted and theaters hire gang members to punch the audience, all in the name of a more authentic cinematic experience. I'm just excited to see if studio execs think that Gene Hackman should smell like an old sweater or Worthers' Originals hard candy. C'mon sweater! (Geekologie)