The Limp Bizkit song "Rollin'" was really a prophecy. Fred Durst knew someday he'd be a film director, and would cast an actor known primarily for rollin' around in expensive looking cars Paul Walker (The Fast and The Furious and The Sequels). See, Limp Bizkit was just ahead of its time. The depths of their awfulness could only be appreciated years later.

Durst, the director of the upcoming thriller Pawn Shop Chronicles, now stars Walker in a film described as follows:
...multiple interconnected stories [center] around a missing wedding ring which leads to a wild-goose chase involving meth addicts, skinheads and an Elvis impersonator.

This is a thriller? It sounds like an "edgy" Robin Williams comedy you'd find in the $2 section at a Walgreens. Also, an Elvis impersonator? Sounds like the film is being shot in ClicheVision. Are the meth addicts mimes?

The script is co-written by actor Adam Minarovich "The Walking Dead") and is being described as "a hillbilly Pulp Fiction." Listen, Mr. Walker, filming doesn't start until spring. It's probably not too late to arrogantly hop into your Subaru WRX STI drive away and pretend you never agreed to anything. (FirstShowing)