David Fincher got his wish and was able to cast his first pick for the lead role of Amy Dunne, Rosamund Pike. She's a phenomenal choice for the role that almost seems tailor-made for her yet she's also an unconventional choice. It's very cool and kudos to Fincher on his vision. But, the man must be stopped.

Beyond Pike, it's now being reported that Fincher wants Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry to join the film in unspecified roles. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that Harris is up for the role of Desi, a former-paramour of Amy's, and Perry is up for... sassy black maid? Honestly, Perry is the toughest piece in this puzzle. I hope that Fincher isn't considering him for the role of the slick lawyer hired to skew the media to help Ben Affleck's Nick repair his damaged image. Because that role should go to this guy:

But I suppose that's why David Fincher's job is being David Fincher while mine is writing about David Fincher. (THR)