‘Godzilla’ Made $107 MM This Weekend, So There Will Be A Sequel

Monday, May 19 by
How could we say no to that face?  

It’s become a standard (and hilarious) practice for a studio to announce the day after a big opening weekend that there will be a sequel. I’m sure there’s some marketing consideration to it, like people will be more inclined to go if they know it will continue in the future, but it’s easy to chalk it up to execs being impulsive, impatient, and money hungry.

Both are probably true.

On that note, Godzilla is getting a sequel after having pulled in $107 million worldwide and garnering not-that-bad reviews. My theory? People just really miss Breaking Bad still and will pay to see Cranston wherever they can.

As for the premise, the whole initiative is about four hours old, so there isn’t a script, but it’s likely they’ll go back to the well of existing Godzilla characters, as there was an Easter egg in the film that shows an empty aquarium with “Mothra” written on it.

So, see ya summer 2016?

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