Our best friends (in our own minds) at It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia are branching out. Charlie Day lead the charge with various film roles that required him to scream at Jason Sudeikis. Rob McElhenney is at work on developing a new sitcom for Fox. And now, Glenn Howerton is putting his cheekbones to better use with the lead role in Coffee Town.

Howerton will lead a group of friends whose very reason for existence is shattered when a thing happens. Those friends will be played by Eastbound & Down's Steve Little, Parks and Recreation/House of Lies' Ben Schwartz, and your mom's Josh Groban in the film written and directed by Brad Copeland. His credits include Arrested Development, My Name Is Earl, and Wild Hogs(?). This is the first theatrical feature to be produced by College Humor, so expect a third of the film to be pictures pulled from the Facebook pages of hot girls. (THR)