"You know who would have been a great Wolverine? Glenn Danzig. The singer for Danzig."

That quote wasn't just uttered by your stoner friend at 11 PM on a Saturday night, but also (allegedly) by some studio exec, who must have been a stoner and probably said it on a Saturday night. Possibly while stoned.

Danzig, in an interview with LA Weekly, said he that he had been approached to play the X-Man, but passed on it. That's pretty interesting, but not as interesting as his follow-up comment as to how he would have played the iconic comic book hero in X-Men.

"It wouldn't have been as gay."

Excuse me, I just got blasted in the face with a firehose of awesome. Is this going to sow the seeds for a Glenn Danzig-Hugh Jackman feud? I don't think I'm jumping the gun when I say "absolutely."

This whole post is a charade for me to post this:

Have a safe, solemn, and bitchin' Memorial Day, readers.