In good news for people who enjoy really annoying things, the 3D technology company MasterImage is in talks to bring its patented glasses-free 3D to airplanes and automobiles. The "cell-matrix parallax barrier" 3D technology would be available in luxury cars and airplanes, but was originally developed to be used for portable devices.

Perhaps I'm in the minority, but as someone prone to motion sickness, the idea of a 3D movie on an airplane or car is making me physically sick to my stomach. There must be a market for cartoon birds or live-action jackasses to be aggressively shoved into the face of every passenger on an airplane, though.  Luckily for me, the nature of airplanes is such that it will probably be two or three years before this gets rolled out on a widespread basis. I guess I should get all of my air travel over with before 2014. Anybody want to visit India with me? (The Hollywood Reporter)