Taylor Lautner has recently signed on to star in eight hundred and forty seven upcoming films, including Incarceron, a strange but interesting sounding young adult lit adaptation about Lautner romancing the daughter of a warden on a prison planet. Based on a popular YA novel by Catherine Fisher, the film is set up at Fox 2000, and three very high profile young actresses are being eyed to play opposite the walking six pack Lautner. Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Emma Watson are all in contention for roles in the project, however there will have to be more in it for them than just a paycheck and the opportunity to act opposite a Twilight star, because all three of their careers are taking off at the moment.

In addition to Incarceron, Lautner has also recently attached himself to an untitled spy thriller at New Regency that's being touted as a youth oriented Bourne Identity. The film is said to be based on the life of Julal Aviv, the Israeli-America security consultant. Lautner's got a difficult life these days, what with splitting his time between beautiful women and spy heroics has to be tiring. Let's hope he finds some time to relax with his favorite hobby: running shirtless through woods in cutoff denim shorts. (The Playlist)