Creator of universally beloved characters like the elderly pedophile and greased-up deaf guy, Seth MacFarlane, is working on a live-action comedy called Ted. And he's gathering quite a cast, including Mila Kunis and Adam Scott. Now you can add the bizarro Ryan Gosling, Giovanni Ribisi to the list, who's signed on to play "Donny, a man who's obsessed with Ted." In case you don't know, "Ted" is a teddy bear who comes to life thanks to a childhood wish of a man to be played by Mark Wahlberg.

Since this is MacFarlane, the bear will probably be either British, gay, or both, and make a lot of rape jokes. You know, there was a time when in Hollywood you couldn't get a cast like this to associate with rape jokes. Progress has its good points, I guess. (via Coming Soon)