Gina Gershon And The Guys That Ate Ray Liotta And Val Kilmer To Star In ‘Breathless’

Monday, July 25 by
Val Kilmer, doing an unintentional woodchuck impersonation.  

With a cast like this, there’s no question that this will be one of the most popular films of 1993. Gina Gershon, Ray Liotta, and Val Kilmer have all signed on for Jess Baget’s Breathless. The film focuses on a woman (Gershon) who is sick of her husband’s (Kilmer) criminal acts and decides to do something about it. Ray Liotta will play a sheriff who gets in the mix one way or another.

Going on that description, it’s pretty clear that this film won’t be a remake (or re-imagining, or gritty reboot) of Jean-Luc Goddard’s vaunted work of the same name. Which is good, because Gina Gershon probably shouldn’t be allowed too close to anything considered a “classic.”

Baget also co-wrote the script with Stefania Moscato. And no, Kilmer wasn’t required to gain weight for the role. That’s just the way he looks now. Oh how the mighty have fallen, Iceman.

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  1. July 25, 2011 12:53 pm


    Looks like Kilmer ate all of the characters already..holy shit!

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