Both Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser have career goblins. For Hudgens, it's a never-ending stream of nude photos and videos. For Frasier, it's a lot worse: starring in Furry Vengeance alongside a bunch of asshole animals. You know your movie is bad when only Vampires Suck fared worse with critics in 2010. And it's not the first time he's starred in a terrible movie with animal lead characters. So, to try and rope in some credibility, Hudgens is negotiating to star in an indie drama. Fraser is already on board. Nothing says credibility like the word "indie," donchaknow.

Gimme Shelter is a film by writer/director Ron Krauss, which would star Hudgens as a homeless, pregnant teen fleeing her abusive mother. Seems like all teens are pregnant in movies, these days. I realize I read like an old man when I write that. Anyway, she goes to live with her biological dad (Fraser), who kicks her out of his house for not aborting the child. Hopefully, they have the money to license "Papa Don't Preach."

Jeff Rice, Dama Claire and Kraus are producing. They're aiming to film end of May in Connecticut. (Hollywood Reporter)