Gillian Jacobs Joins Steve Carell’s Not NBC-Related ‘End Of The World’

Tuesday, May 17 by

Gillian Jacobs is the blonde girl from “Community.” She’ll join ex-Dunder Mifflin manager Steve Carell for Mandate’s Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. I’m sure they’ll have a lot of NBC stuff to talk about on the set, and they might even do the secret NBC handshake. (It’s the one from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”)

The plot involves an asteroid heading to earth, Keira Knightley and Carell on a journey to find Carell’s lost love before the world is destroyed, and a waitress they meet who’s tweaked out on ecstasy – which is where Jacobs comes in. Hopefully she won’t do the real drug while filming, because the “Fresh Prince” handshake is tricky to do on E. You know isn’t tricky, though? Getting a nice backrub.

Shooting for End of the World has already begun. The cast also includes Adam Brody and Rob Corddry. (Hollywood Reporter)

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