Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson is sticking to what he does. Telling tales of revenge set to the backdrop of cars going VROOM!! He's been attached to Inferno Entertainment's Autobahn. The action film tells the story of a washed-up ex-Formula One driver who wakes up trapped inside a BMW on the side of the Autobahn. He finds a phone ringing in the glove box, and learns that he has 90 minutes to deliver the bomb-rigged car to a target or his wife and daughter are toast. Offers are out to actors now just Jason Statham had better check his voicemail.

The film was originally called I-95 but the setting was relocated to Germany's famed highway in order to appeal to an international audience. That and high-octane chase through New England while the leaves changed color didn't seem as pulse-pounding. Breathtakingly beautiful, yes. Pulse-pounding, not so much. Too bad though. The Roy Rogers and Cracker Barrel product placements could have really helped with shooting costs. (THR)