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Things just got really dangerous for Col. Hans's wallet. Disney is opening a Tron: Legacy Pop-Up Shop in Culver City, CA  for six weeks beginning November 19th. At the store you'll be able to buy all kinds of neon-trimmed crap. They have jumpsuits, action figures, an iPod docking station that looks a Tron data disk, ink pens, and t-shirts, etc..

Besides all that and hot chicks with weird haircuts working the floor (probably), they will release new exclusive merchandise each week that can't be found anywhere else. If you get hungry while shopping for nerdy stuff, swing by Retro/T's cafe for some Tron-themed food. Because if there's one thing computer geeks love, it's Tron and food. No Tron meatballs though. IKEA's legal department is not one to be trifled with. (via LA Times)