Guys, a Justice League movie is definitely gonna be in theaters in 2013. And when I say "definitely," I mean go to Vegas, empty your life savings and bet everything on it. Or rather, the opposite of that. I wouldn't even hold your breath for the DC comics super-team movie in 2013, so definitely hold onto your wallet.

Why is this project being talked about? In a recent interview, the new Warner Bros studio president Jeff Rabinov dropped a news-bomb onto Fandomland:
He's then aiming to release new Batman and Superman films in 2012 and Justice League, a teaming of DC's top heroes, in 2013.

That would certainly be big news, if we didn't have the assistance of Skeptical Man to prevent us from hyperventilating with superhero newscitement. I mean, 2013? For a project the size of a Justice League movie? That'd be like having to deliver a pizza from Brooklyn to Albany in 30 minutes or less - without The Flash's assistance. Which is almost always the case.

So I'm guessing that Warner Bros wishes they could produce a rival to The Avengers that quickly, and good for them. But if wishes were Hellhounds... (LA Times)