Never mind that the Wet Hot American Summer cast, which includes Amy Poehler, Chris Meloni, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Rudd, have gone on to superstardom since the 2001 original. Writer and star Michael Showalter told Bravo's Andy Cohen that a follow-up to the cult hit is getting made.

When the film premiered in 2001, it featured a dozen or so thirty year-old actors playing sixteen year-olds. Now, Showalter says those same actors will be playing sixteen year-olds at the age of forty. That could be kind of funny.

While Wet Hot American Summer didn't really pop up on anyone's radar at the time of its release, the cult following enjoyed by members of The State and Stella ensured that the film would enjoy a long, healthy quoted life after its theatrical run.

Universal has expressed reluctance at following up on the property, given that it's only known and loved by a small percentage of the population, but someone wouldn't say something they didn't mean on Bravo, would they?