If you're wearing the scarlet letter "A," that means you're an adulterer. If you're wearing the scarlet letter "T," it means you're in a terrible poster.

So far, Marvel's Thor has been looking pretty cool, with the emo-brooding European poster and the trailer where Chris Hemsworth' Thor teams up with (Natalie) Port-Man. Not digging these new posters, though. They look like someone took perfectly good Thor publicity stills and tried to make a few terrible Calvin Klein ads.

Is Thor such a violent guy that his face should be completely covered in red? Is he Satan? Or is he in hell with Jason? I also find single letters over people's faces weird. I wanna see their faces, not some stupid letter. Unless I'm looking at a sentient letter, like on "Sesame Street." In that case, carry on, Mr. W.

Thor swings his might hammer at theaters May 6th, 2011. Click on the first image to Thor-size it. (Screenrant)