Your little sister might be excited that Diego Gonzalez Boneta ("Pretty Little Liars," "90210") will officially star in Rock of Ages, the Broadway-musical-to-movie based on 80s songs you're really sick of hearing at karaoke. The cast includes folks you know, like Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Alec Baldwin, and now, one guy you probably didn't know existed. Well, he does.

Boneta plays a young, wide-eyed traveler to Los Angeles named Drew who dreams of "making it" as a rock star. Yeah, we're gonna make it. Make our dreams come true in LA. Yeah. Of course, Drew becomes a bus boy, which seems like less of a "dream" and more of a sad reality. Hopefully that's addressed with the inclusion of the beloved Foreigner b-side "Seems Like Less of a Dream, More of a Sad Reality (Megan's Song)."

Russell Brand, who is in every other movie these days, has also officially joined the cast. So does that mean James Franco will be wedged in there somehow too? Don't stop believin', you guys.

Adam Shankman is directing Rock of Ages for New Line. (Deadline)