As we've seen with the crazy box office business drummed up by The Avengers and it's many spinoffs, the big idea these days is to assemble a group of characters, release some films with all of them, then release some individual films, then become REALLY rich.

We see DC Comics beginning to do it with Justice League, featuring Batman, Aquaman, and all the other men, and Marvel's even doing it again with Spider-Man and his weird group of friends.

However, Universal doesn't want to limit the opportunity to just comic book characters, as it's supposedly assembling all it's classic monster characters from it's really old movies, like Van Helsing, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and all those other people you grandfather won't stop talking about. The premise kicks off in 2016 with a new Mummy film that presumably won't have Brendan Fraser in it, but who knows?