Lest you think that the concept of rebooting or serializing a tedious, familiar property is only the purview of comic book studios, think again. It's been announced that Tom Hanks is producing a sequel to the surprise indie hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding for HBO films, and most of the players are returning.

Nia Vardalos will once again write and star, John Corbett is coming back because he was available, and Hanks and wife Rita Wilson will be producing.

According to Vardalos, a "bigger, fatter" wedding will take place in which a family secret is revealed. BUT WILL IT BE GREEKER?

Unless the secret is about buried treasure, I'm not interested.

The best news about this sequel is that, whether we asked for it or not, it's likely that Joey Fatone will be shoehorned back into our lives like it's 2001, if only for 90 minutes or so.

Welcome back, Joey. We missed you. Send our regards to Chris and J.C.