Gerard Depardieu Urinates In Plane Cabin Because He’s Gerard F*ckin’ Depardieu

Wednesday, August 17 by
Does this look like a guy who cares where he urinates? 

Sometimes stories come along that totally validate not only your job, but your worth as a person. This is one such story.

Anthropomorphic nose and sometimes-actor Gerard Depardieu took the liberty of using his plane’s cabin as a toilet, pissing on the ground when he knew very well that is not something grown-ups should do.

While the flight was delayed on the tarmac, Depardieu asked to use the restroom, but was told that he had to remain seated until they reached cruising altitude. Never one to take “remain seated until they reached cruising altitude” for an answer, ole’ Gerry went ahead and whizzed on the floor, a move that enabled him to both empty his bladder and offer a poignant indictment on the state of air travel the world over. But mostly just the pissing thing.

Since this is a movie site, I feel obligated to mention that Gerard Depardieu played Christopher Columbus in the film 1492: Conquest of Paradise, as well as Katherine Heigl’s dad in My Father the Hero. Here’s a still from that film featuring Katherine Heigl‘s weirdly-shaped 16 year-old ass. I’m pretty sure this isn’t illegal.

I know this is cliche, but it really does look like two hams!

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