Curtis Hanson, who kind of looks like an old surfer, is going to be directing Gerard Butler, who kind of doesn't, in a movie about surfing. Mavericks will follow the brief life of surfing sensation Jay Moriarty, who died at the age of 22 in a diving accident. Butler will play his surfing mentor, "Frosty" Hesson, who bonds with Moriarty until his death. The title comes from the famous (and infamous) surfing region in central California known for sick breaks and gnarly, uh, tubes.

Butler will also serve as executive producer of the film, which begins filming in October. No word on who is being considered for the role of Moriarty, but there are no shortage of young actors who fit the bill. As for the choice of Butler for Hesson, I view it to be a small tragedy that at no point was Keanu Reeves discussed in the mentor role. Full circle and whatnot. (Deadline)