Gerard Butler, sometimes known as "that's not Clive Owen," has exited the remake of surfing action film Point Break. Butler cited a "confluence of factors," ranging from creative difference to scheduling conflicts.

What a confluence, indeed.

There isn't a lot more to dive into here, though it's a rare instance of Gerard Butler saying no to a role, which in and of itself is pretty newsworthy. For what it's worth, the scheduling conflict that Butler was experiencing was for the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, which is pretty funny. Any time your reason for not doing something is that it conflicts with an Olympus Has Fallen sequel, you really have to take a look at the artistic merits of that original thing.

While Butler's Bodhi will need to be recast, poor Luke Bracey will still be holding onto the role of Johnny Utah. Now he just needs a zen-like father figure to step in.

I'm thinking maybe Eugene Levy?