Godfather of the zombie genre George Romero has told science-y blog thing i09 that he doesn't watch The Walking Dead and has turned down offers to direct an episode.

Why would he be so awful and mean and deny us this one thing? THIS ONE THING!

Romero went on record as saying, "Listen, I love Frank [Darabont], I know he's done a good job. I love the books, I never watched any of the episodes because… my zombies are sort of my own. I didn't want to be part of it. "

What a jerk.

He views his zombies as more of a "natural disaster" than the looming, malignant threat that many storytellers today have adopted. For this reason, he's content letting the Darabont-less team behind The Walking Dead have at it.

I guess it's not really that big a loss, because unless Romero could write multi-dimensional characters and non-wooden dialogue for The Walking Dead, he really wouldn't be able to help them out.